Advanced Diploma in Child Health Care Management

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  1. To be able to access routine pediatric & neonatal patients.
  2. To be well conversant with routine pediatric & neonatal problems along with their etiology, pathophysiology, diagnosis & management.
  3. To acquire skills in common pediatric & neonatal procedures as well as monitoring.
  4. To be well trained in managing pediatric & neonatal emergencies & continuation of care in the respective ICUs.
  5. To be able to understand the modern equipment along with use of them including ventilators.
  6. To manage the delivery room basics along with escalation of care for respective babies.
  7. To understand the need for multidisciplinary management of sick new born as well as pediatric patients.
  8. To acquire the soft skills & counseling of parents, while treating patients admitted in NICU & PICU.